Love or something like it

Look, don’t touch.

Cues Welcome Back by Mase.* Why hello friends! I’ve missed you guys. I’m relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean while I gather my thoughts.

So, I’m back. I’ve reignited my light, regained my strength, and recreated a balance. And I’m here to talk shit about the male species.

I’ve still been dating (nothing serious) and recently I’ve come across men who’ve tried to enter my life with bad or no intentions at all. Here’s the thing; my life is too poppin, I love myself too much, and have dreams that I want to accomplish as a single woman. If your intentions aren’t to growth with me and be good to me, simply acknowledge my life and keep it moving. There is absolutely no need for you to interfere with what I’ve built for myself if you don’t mean well.

I value my time and I feel that not everyone deserves it. Ladies, not every man deserves yours either. It’s okay to cut him off if your gut is telling you to do so. That shows your strength. If you’re not happy, either fix it or leave. Wasting time complaining won’t change him nor will it fix the problem.

The next time you meet a potential bae simply tell him “I value myself and my time, if you don’t, you can look but don’t touch.”

Yours in love,


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