Balancing the Imbalanced

When the rainbow is not enough

“For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is not enough”

Hello beautiful souls, your life is valuable. I’m listening to Where do we go by Solange while I gather my thoughts. This post is simply about me, recognizing the light in you. I will encourage you, gas you up, and illustrate how strong you are. You may not hear it often or maybe not even at all but your life has value.

A friend of mine recently ended her life. She was crying for help and no one heard her. I haven’t processed it fully yet. It seems unreal because, for some reason, I feel like I could’ve done more. Maybe if I checked on her when I saw her cries on social media. Maybe she’d still be here.

My friends, your life has so much meaning. You have worth, you’ve come so far, you have a purpose, and you are needed. As someone who suffers from depression and has once attempted suicide in the past, I get it. Our individual world seems to be full of stress and disappointment. We constantly compare ourselves to others and feel behind at times. We are still unsure of what we want to do with our lives. But get this, we may not be where we want to be but we are where we’re supposed to be. Look how far you’ve come, that’s strength! You are strong!

If you ever feel alone reach out to someone, anyone. I’m not a licensed counselor but I’m always willing to listen. If you know anyone who has shown suicidal behavior or expressed that they want to end their life please encourage them to seek professional help. or call 1-800-273-8255

Rest in heaven LR

Yours in love,


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