Fxck that, I am a goal!

I now find myself doing most of my writing from 20,000 feet in the air. There’s symbolism in that, I’ll get to it later though. I’m listening to Street Light by Jordan Rakei while I gather my thoughts.

As chapter 2017 comes to a close, I’ve been doing some self reflection on this year’s journey. I’ve gone to some of the most beautiful countries, fell in love a few times, and discovered parts of myself that I was hiding from the rest of the world. People tell me all the time, “you’re travel goals.” I’d always remain humble after that statement because I haven’t even completed 1/3 of my travel bucket list yet. But looking back, I’ve touched 7 countries this year. Each place had a different purpose on my journey to self love (unbeknownst to me). Strength, patience, humility, and confidence are all the areas I tapped into during my trips. So you know what, I am a goal. Not just because I travel, but because I grow each time I visit a new place. I become more conscious of the things I say and do and I recognize my fears and strengths.

Now on to the symbolism. When I’m flying, my head is completely clear. I leave the hatred on the ground, I leave heart ache, I leave negativity, I leave self doubt. I’m flying above the evil humans have created and find myself closer to God. Sounds crazy right? But it’s something about traveling that produces a sense of clarity within me. This post isn’t to brag (well kinda because I am a goal) it’s more to encourage you all to travel as well. Putting away $100 each paycheck can eventually get you to the destination of your dreams. Wherever you want to go, get there. The only thing that’s stopping you, is you.

Yours in love,


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