Love or something like it

Soul tied

Happy New Year kings and queens! I started writing this post on New Year’s Day, but as you know, life happens. I hope your year has been filled with love and light thus far. I’m listening to Peace and Love by Tall Black Guy feat. Masego while I gather my thoughts.

The topic of “soul ties” has come up a lot in my recent conversations. In a nutshell soul ties happen as a result of physical intimacy between two people. That intimacy creates a spiritual connection, unifying and empowering two souls. So yes, sex can make you crazy. But I try to devote my soul to much more than the physical being. Whether I know someone for five minutes, five years, or forever I want to leave a positive imprint on their life. I am now whole enough to give some of me away. By giving myself away, I mean I am now able to help others and still have enough of me, for me. Does that make sense? For example, I used to give my all to my significant other to the point I had nothing left for myself. On this journey to self love, I’ve discovered a balance to where I can love someone else and my soul still feel full.

Try this, when you meet someone new (or even current friends) think of ways you can leave a (positive) imprint on their life. Teach someone, help someone, encourage someone. You’ll notice the dynamic in your relationships change. Even if the person on the receiving end doesn’t need help, they’ll still know you’ve invested your soul into their well-being. Work toward becoming whole enough to give a piece of your soul to others.

Yours in love,


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