Love or something like it

If The Shoe Fits

Greetings lovebugs! I hope you all are at peace or at least getting there. I’m listening to “If Only” by Raveena while I gather my thoughts. This post is geared toward being accountable for your actions and understanding their outcomes.

The past two weeks have been filled with self-reflection and accepting what I cannot control. It feels good, I feel good. As always, I’m still casually dating and interacting with personalities completely opposite of mine. I’ve had to suppress the counselor in me and try not to over analyze the person sitting across from me. Which is very difficult as a mental health professional.

In past relationships, I wanted so bad for it to work out, I’d force love. I’d make excuses and overlook disrespect. The older I get, the more I look at relationships like a new pair of shoes. Listen, if the shoe fits, you’re comfortable. It’s meant for you. You look good, you feel good. If the shoe does not fit, the opposite happens. You’re uncomfortable, you’re in pain and your toes look like you were tap-dancing on Cheerios. Just like relationships, you can’t force it. A forced love or a selfish love will leave you uncomfortable. Understand that you cannot convince people to love you. Love moves freely in both directions. A love or friendship that is meant to be, will be. People ultimately know who they want to share themselves with. Take a look at your relationships, intimate and platonic. If you are hurting or feel uncomfortable, you might have outgrown it and need a new pair of shoes.

Yours in love,


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