Honduran Hotspot

Hello lovely humans! I’ve been working on new content that I can’t wait to share with you all! I’m currently in a Honduran airport listening to Moonchild’s Be Free album while I gather my thoughts.

If you follow me on social media you’d see that I’ve done a bit of traveling this past week. My country of choice was no other than Roatan, Honduras. I was watching HGTV a few months ago and an episode of Caribbean Life followed a couple to Roatan as they looked for a vacation home. I’d never heard of this place until I came across this episode. As I was narrowing down places to go for my graduation trip, Roatan was at the top of the list. I began to do my research on the island and found that it was extremely affordable to travel to. I looked on for cheap villas for the month of May. And low and behold I came across Puerto Azul, a cozy bungalow property in Sandy Bay. I snagged a great deal and ended up paying $576 for a 4 night stay. My mom and I had our own separate bungalow with individual bathrooms and King sized beds. The host, Thalia , made us a healthy and complimentary breakfast every morning! The property was nestled in the trees and was only 50 steps from the beach. She organized our travel to and from the airport and also planned all of our excursions. I went ziplining at Mayan Eden and met a monkey named Billy who stole my deodorant. I guess he needed it more than me. We also went to the sloth farm where I was able to hold a baby sloth and exotic birds.

Roatan had the best sunsets. My mother and I spent every evening at the Jolly Octopus beachside bar conversing with the locals. Our bartender, Bobby was the sweetest (and most handsome) gentleman. He told us about the local cuisine and even made us Iguana sopa (it tasted like gumbo).

I spent a majority of my trip relaxing and re-evaluating my goals. Now that I have graduated with my Masters degree I’ve had troubling finding a job. I believe it’s God’s way of redirecting me to my dream of traveling the world and not settling for a 9 to 5.

Next stop, Ghana!

Yours in love,


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