Balancing the Imbalanced

How I Make My Dreams Come True: The Guide to Not Giving Up

Hey friends! I have drafts of posts bottled up in my pocket but go back and forth with the right time to share them. So here’s a piece that I wrote for you as a means of encouragement. I’m listening to Nobody by Rhapsody, Moonchild, and Anderson.Paak while I gather my thoughts.

I am currently sitting in the library studying for my credential exam and applying for jobs. I thought after I graduated with my Masters, I’d be done with studying. Boy was I wrong. It has been an extreme struggle finding a job post-graduation. I have hit some pretty low points (mentally and physically) as I deal with rejection from employers.

But enough about the sad shit, this post is about fulfilling your dreams and acknowledging how far you’ve come

I pride myself on my ability to take risks and not conform. No one actually told me to follow my dreams. It was like I had an epiphany one day. Do I wanna dream big or dream basic? Obviously big. At each stage in my life, my dreams got bigger. For example, in high school I dreamt of going to college. After undergrad, I dreamt of getting into grad school etc… My current dreams consist of traveling the world, marrying my best friend (ya girl got a man now), being a mom, and the career I’ve always wanted. Everything I dream, I pursue. I NEVER let anyone’s opinion come in between the way of me and my destiny. Despite the roadblocks (and best believe there are a lot) I never give up. It’s crazy when you look back on the things you used to dream about and see how they’ve become reality. And it’s even crazier when you realize you made it through hell to get where you are today. Your testimony is something to brag about. Whether you’re in the process of fulfilling your dreams, or they’ve already come true, remember one thing; it may seem dark right now but worry and faith cannot occupy the same space. So have faith in yourself and dream big.

In the infamous words of Brotha Meek, “I seen my dreams unfold.”

Yours in love,


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